How to cross out text in google sheets

There are a few reasons: Crossing off list items: If you’re a list maker, you know there’s not much more fulfilling than crossing items off your list.

Want to learn how to cross out text in Google Sheets? This simple guide will show you how in just a few easy steps.

You’ll discover how to:
– Access Google Sheets
– Select the text you want to cross out
– Apply the strikethrough formatting

Plus, we’ll cover how to use the toolbar options to enhance your text formatting.

Get ready to master this useful feature and make your Google Sheets documents even more organized and visually appealing.

Accessing Google Sheets and Opening the Document

To access Google Sheets and open the document, simply log into your Google account and navigate to the Google Sheets homepage.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a grid of all your spreadsheets. If you have a specific document in mind, you can use the search bar at the top to quickly find it by typing in its name. Alternatively, you can scroll through your list of spreadsheets until you locate the one you want to open.

In the above example its B2:B14 Navigate to Format > Conditional formatting In the conditional formatting pane, change Format cell if to Custom formula is Enter the conditional rule in the space below.

Strikethrough is a very useful and popular tool, not to be confused with the underline tool.

Once you’ve found the document, simply click on it to open it in Google Sheets. It’s as easy as that! Now you’re ready to start working on your spreadsheet and learn how to cross out text.

Selecting the Text to Cross Out

To select the text you want to cross out in Google Sheets, simply click and drag your mouse over the desired text. Start by placing your cursor at the beginning of the text you want to cross out. Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag the cursor to the end of the text. As you drag, you’ll see the selected text being highlighted. Make sure to include all the characters you want to cross out within the selected area.

If you accidentally select too much or miss some text, don’t worry. You can always adjust your selection by releasing the mouse button and starting again.

This can be a single cell or a range of cells.

Tap the pencil icon in the bottom-right corner to expand your text options. 5.

Tip: Alternatively, you can use a keyboard shortcut to apply the strikethrough format.

There are four options for doing this: a keyboard shortcut, the strikethrough button in the menu bar, the strikethrough function in the Format Dropdown, or using conditional formatting.

Once you have selected the text, you’re ready to cross it out using the available formatting options.

Applying the Strike through Formatting

Now, you can easily apply the strikethrough formatting to the selected text in Google Sheets by following these steps.

First, select the text that you want to cross out. You can do this by clicking and dragging the cursor over the desired text.

Once the text is selected, go to the toolbar and click on the ‘Format’ tab.

From the drop-down menu, select ‘Text’ and then choose ‘Strikethrough.’

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut by pressing ‘Ctrl’ + ‘5’ on Windows or ‘Cmd’ + ‘5’ on Mac.

Immediately, the selected text will be crossed out with a horizontal line.

This formatting option is useful when you want to show that certain information is no longer valid or needs to be removed.

Utilizing the Toolbar Options

Continue customizing your text in Google Sheets by exploring the various options available in the toolbar. The toolbar offers a wide range of features that can help you enhance your text and make it more visually appealing.

For instance, you can change the font style, size, and color to capture the attention of your audience. Additionally, you can apply bold, italic, or underline formatting to emphasize important information.

The toolbar also allows you to create bulleted or numbered lists, align your text to the left, center, or right, and adjust the indentation. Moreover, you can insert images, shapes, and symbols to make your spreadsheet more visually engaging.

As you can see from the screenshot, on the right side of the strikethrough option, you’ll find the right shortcut to use, so the more you get to that strikethrough option in the menu, the more Google Sheets will remember you there’s a quicker solution you can use next time.

Take advantage of these toolbar options to make your text stand out and convey your message effectively.

Reviewing and Adjusting Formatting

First, review and adjust the formatting in Google Sheets by selecting the text you want to modify. Once you have selected the text, you can make changes to its formatting to enhance its appearance or convey a specific message.

Start by clicking on the ‘Format’ option in the toolbar at the top of the screen. From here, you can access various formatting options such as font style, font size, text color, and cell background color. Experiment with different formatting choices to find the one that best suits your needs.

You can also adjust the alignment of the text within the cells by using the alignment options in the toolbar.

If you are migrating to Google docs from Microsoft Word, you will notice that all the menu commands and shortcuts are different.

Also, when you uncheck a box the strikethrough will be removed.Add Strikethrough Format with an Apps Scripts If you prefer, you can automate the process of adding strikethrough format with the help of App Scripts.Go to the Extensions menu and select Apps Script to open the script editor.Without adding any formatting manually, this script will automatically add strike through,The only thing you need to do is check the check box and strike through will be inserted into the adjacent cell.This is possible because of the on Edit trigger used in the Apps Script.This lets you automatically run Apps Script functions when specific events occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Access Google Sheets on My Mobile Device?
To access Google Sheets on your mobile device, you can download the Google Sheets app from your device’s app store. Once installed, open the app and sign in to your Google account to start using it.

Can I Cross Out Multiple Lines of Text at Once in Google Sheets?
Yes, you can cross out multiple lines of text at once in Google Sheets. Simply select the lines you want to cross out, right-click, and choose the “Strikethrough” option from the menu.

Is It Possible to Customize the Color of the Strikethrough Formatting in Google Sheets?
Yes, you can customize the color of the strikethrough formatting in Google Sheets. Simply select the text you want to cross out, go to the Format menu, choose “Text” and then “Strikethrough color.”

Can I Undo the Strikethrough Formatting After It Has Been Applied?
Yes, you can undo the strikethrough formatting in Google Sheets. Simply select the text with the strikethrough, go to the formatting options, and click on the strikethrough icon again to remove it.

How Can I Copy and Paste a Strikethrough Text in Google Sheets?
To copy and paste strikethrough text in Google Sheets, first, select the text you want to copy. Then, right-click and choose “Copy.” Next, go to the desired location and right-click again, selecting “Paste.” The strikethrough formatting will be applied.


In conclusion, crossing out text in Google Sheets is a simple and efficient way to mark information as obsolete or no longer relevant. By accessing the document, selecting the desired text, and applying the strikethrough formatting, users can easily indicate changes or updates.

Additionally, utilizing the toolbar options allows for quick formatting adjustments. Overall, this feature enhances organization and clarity when working with data in Google Sheets.

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