How to take watch links out

Are you struggling to find the perfect fit for your watch?
Learn how to take watch links out in just a few simple steps.
With the right tools and a little know-how, you can adjust the size of your watch band to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
Say goodbye to a loose or tight watch and hello to a perfectly tailored accessory.
Follow these easy instructions and enjoy a watch that fits you perfectly.

Gathering the Necessary Tools

To gather the necessary tools for taking watch links out, you’ll need a few items.

First, grab a small, sturdy tool called a watch link remover. This tool has a tiny pin that can be adjusted to fit different watch band sizes.

You’ll also need a small hammer or mallet to gently tap the pin out of the link. Be sure to use a soft cloth or a watch holder to protect the watch from scratches.

Additionally, a pair of needle-nose pliers will come in handy for removing stubborn pins.

Finally, have some extra watch pins or screws on hand in case any get damaged or lost during the process.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to successfully remove watch links.

Repair shop

If you don’t want to make the trip to a watch repair shop, this guide walks you through the steps to remove watch links at home.

If you ever feel like you would be better off doing this at a watch repair shop, it should not cost you more than $10.

Picking a timepiece with a metal watch strap is fine, but can be tricky in terms of size.

Here are some of the things you need to get the job done: A pin pusher Pliers Screwdriver Hammer (optional) Tray to place the parts (optional) To make your work a lot easier, it is recommended that you use an uncluttered workbench or a flat surface.

Locating the Link Removal Points on the Watch Band

To locate the link removal points on your watch band, examine the sides of the links for small arrows or indentations indicating where the pins can be removed. These arrows or indentations are usually found on the underside of the band, where the links connect. They serve as a guide to help you identify the correct spot for pin removal.

The arrows may be engraved or painted, while the indentations may be small grooves or lines. Once you have located these markers, you can use a pin pusher or a small screwdriver to push the pins out and remove the desired link.

Gently tap the push pin with your hammer until the cotter pin pops out and the individual link detaches from the watch band (some watches may also pop out a tiny tube).

On most metal watches, small arrows will signpost how to remove the link.

Remember to take your time and be gentle to avoid damaging the band or the pins.

Using a Watch Band Link Removal Tool

To use a watch band link removal tool:

– Align the tool with the pin removal point on the watch band. The tool typically has a small, pointed tip that’s designed to fit into the pinhole.
– Make sure that the tool is securely inserted into the hole before applying any pressure.
– Once aligned, gently push the tool in the direction of the arrow on the tool. This will push the pin out of the link and allow you to remove it from the watch band.
– Be careful not to apply too much force, as this could damage the watch band or the tool itself.
– Repeat this process for each link that you want to remove, until you achieve the desired fit for your watch.

Chances are there are at least one too many chain links on the strap, but adjusting a metal-link smartwatch band isn’t as difficult as you might think — and doesn’t usually require a trip to the jewelers.

Adjusting the Size by Removing Links

To adjust the size of your watch, begin by taking out the necessary links using a watch band link removal tool. This tool allows you to easily remove the excess links from your watch band, ensuring a perfect fit.

Start by locating the pins that hold the links together. Insert the removal tool into the pinhole on the link you want to remove and turn the handle clockwise to push the pin out. Once the pin is fully removed, carefully pull the link apart from the rest of the band.

This package gets you a spring bar tool kit, a band link remover, a watch band holder, a hammer, and tools for opening the watch.

Repeat the process– since two pins are holding each link, do the same thing for the other side of the link pin.

If you are adjusting the metal band on a Casio watch, the pins will have little metal ferrule.

Repeat this process for each link you need to remove until you achieve the desired size. Remember to keep the removed links in a safe place in case you need to add them back later.

Ensuring a Secure Fit After Link Removal

To ensure a secure fit after removing watch links, regularly check the tightness of the remaining links using an adverb of frequency such as ‘regularly’. This step is crucial to maintain the integrity of your watch and prevent it from sliding around on your wrist. Over time, the constant movement and wear can cause the links to loosen, compromising the fit and potentially leading to the watch slipping off.

By checking the tightness of the remaining links regularly, you can identify any loosened links and take the necessary steps to tighten them. This may involve using a small screwdriver or a link adjustment tool to adjust the screws or pins that hold the links together.

Do this before you remove the pin on any of the watch bracelet links at all.

If you don’t have the proper tools, then worry not.

Tweezers could also work in some cases Small hammer Screwdriver Pin pusher– you could also use a spring bar removal tool or a pointy object that fits into the watch band links section to push the pin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Remove Links From Any Type of Watch Band?
Yes, you can remove links from most watch bands. Different types may require different tools or techniques, so it’s important to research the specific band you have and follow proper instructions.

How Many Links Should I Remove to Adjust the Size of My Watch Band?
To adjust the size of your watch band, you need to determine how many links to remove. Measure your wrist and compare it to the band’s length. Remove enough links to achieve a comfortable fit.

Can I Use Alternative Tools Instead of a Watch Band Link Removal Tool?
Yes, you can use alternative tools to remove watch links. A small nail, paperclip, or even a pushpin can work. Just be careful not to damage the watch band or the watch itself.

How Do I Know if My Watch Band Is Too Loose or Too Tight After Removing Links?
To know if your watch band is too loose or too tight after removing links, try wearing it and see how it feels. If it slides around too much or leaves marks on your wrist, it’s too loose. If it feels uncomfortable or cuts off circulation, it’s too tight.

Can I Reattach the Removed Links if I Want to Make My Watch Band Larger Again?
Yes, you can reattach the removed links if you want to make your watch band larger again. Simply follow the same process of inserting the pins back into the links and securing them in place.


In conclusion, taking watch links out can be easily done with the right tools and techniques.

Apply pressure– unlike the flat/ round pin types, the link does not disengage from the band after removing the pin.

By gathering the necessary tools and locating the link removal points on the watch band, using a watch band link removal tool makes the process quick and efficient.

Adjusting the size by removing links ensures a secure fit, allowing you to enjoy your watch comfortably.

With these simple steps, you can customize your watch to fit perfectly on your wrist.

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